A Cornwall surgeon aims to raise funds for advanced robotic surgery technology

Nick Battersby, a consultant at the Royal Cornwall Hospital Trust (RCHT), is spearheading a fundraising campaign to introduce state-of-the-art assisted robotic surgery in Cornwall. As part of the initiative, he is coordinating a 5km (3.1-mile) swim across Falmouth Bay on July 8th, aiming to collect funds for the technology.

The utilization of robotic arms in surgery, known as robotically-assisted surgery, offers enhanced precision. Mr. Battersby emphasized the necessity of a surgical robot for RCHT’s cancer unit in order to modernize their procedures.

He emphasized that patients in the county deserved access to modern surgical care without having to travel elsewhere. The technology has been widely recognized across the UK for its life-saving capabilities and its role in reducing hospital stays.

During an interview with BBC Radio Cornwall, Mr. Battersby highlighted the advancements in technology since Cornwall’s pioneering efforts in minimally invasive surgery two decades ago. He expressed the need for progress, stating that out of the top 20 cancer units with the highest patient volume in the country, Cornwall is currently the only unit lacking this advanced technology.

Mr. Battersby expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “It’s exciting,” after experiencing the use of a simulator. He described the small robotic arms as resembling hands, in contrast to the fixed instruments he typically employs, highlighting their enhanced dexterity and maneuverability.

He explained, “This is what truly provides us with the added precision and enables us to apply traction and counter-traction, which is crucial for performing surgeries with minimal tissue damage.”

The anticipated cost of the robot over a five-year budget is £2.5 million, and Mr. Battersby’s goal is to raise £50,000 through community initiatives.

Karen Murrish, fundraising manager for the Royal Cornwall Hospitals charity, referred to the initiative as the initial step in the project.

She acknowledged that introducing a robot of this caliber in Cornwall requires a significant investment, emphasizing that there will be numerous other funding requirements to fulfill.

“At the present moment, it’s an exciting beginning, sparked by the passion of one of our surgeons,” she expressed.

The challenge of swimming 5km (3.1 miles) across the Bay will feature a group of up to 50 open-water swimmers, including Mr. Battersby. They will embark on the swim from Rosemullion Head and conclude at Pendennis Point in Falmouth.

Source : bbc.com

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