Porsche mistakenly sold at bargain price in China

In a recent incident, a Porsche dealership in the city of Yinchuan, China, mistakenly listed a brand new luxury sports car, the Panamera, at an incredibly low price on their website. The listed price of 124,000 yuan ($18,300) was significantly lower than the actual starting price of $148,000.

The promotion quickly attracted the attention of hundreds of potential buyers who believed they had found a remarkable bargain.

However, the error in the listed retail price was promptly identified by Porsche, and the promotion was taken down immediately. The German carmaker clarified that there was only one vehicle available for sale and communicated with the first customer who made a refunded reservation fee, reaching an agreeable outcome.

Porsche also personally contacted each bidder to explain the situation and offer apologies. Customers who had paid the reservation fee of 911 yuan were refunded accordingly.

The incident generated a buzz on Chinese social media, with some users expressing disappointment while others speculated that it might have been a deliberate promotional strategy. Ultimately, the mistake was acknowledged, rectified, and lessons were learned from the incident.

Car buyers in China discover misleading online advert for luxury sports car.

Porsche dealership in Yinchuan lists brand new vehicle for 124,000 yuan, causing price confusion.

The listed price of 124,000 yuan is significantly lower than the Panamera’s starting price of $148,000.

The promotion enticed numerous potential buyers who hurried to secure what seemed like an exceptional deal.

According to a spokesperson from the German car manufacturer, the promotion included a significant error in the listed retail price, and it was promptly removed.

The spokesperson further added that since there was only one vehicle available, Porsche Centre Yinchuan has been in contact with the first customer who placed an online refundable reservation fee, and they have reached a satisfactory resolution through negotiations.

The dealership took the initiative to personally contact each bidder and apologize while explaining the situation.

Porsche clarified that the inaccurate information was posted on January 30th and assured that customers who paid the 911 yuan reservation fee have been fully refunded.

The incident garnered significant attention on Chinese social media platforms, with one commentator humorously remarking, “This is why I don’t buy Porsche lol.” The lighthearted comment reflects the amusement and surprise caused by the mistakenly low price listing.

Others perceived it as a well-executed promotional strategy.

Some individuals criticized the company for being “irresponsible” and argued that they should have honored the discounted offer.

Another user on social media claimed to be the initial buyer but decided to cancel their order upon learning the actual price. They believed it would be unfair to take advantage of a mistake.

Having entered the mainland China market over two decades ago, Porsche has significantly expanded its presence in the country through the establishment of new dealerships. China has emerged as Porsche’s largest market worldwide, with sales reaching $6.2 billion in the first half of the previous year.

Source : bbc.com

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