The TikTok ban could have significant implications for creators

They would lose access to a large and engaged audience, potentially impacting their reach and popularity. It could also disrupt their ability to generate income through sponsored content and partnerships. Creators would need to pivot to other platforms or find alternative ways to connect with their followers and monetize their content.

Overall, the TikTok ban would likely pose challenges and uncertainties for creators’ careers and online presence.

The TikTok ban could harm creators by depriving them of a vast audience, disrupting their income opportunities, and forcing them to adapt to new platforms or find alternative ways to engage with followers.

Many people are wondering if TikTok will be banned, but currently, it appears highly unlikely. The immensely popular app is not expected to disappear in the near future.

Although there have been discussions within the US government about outlawing TikTok and concerns raised by American politicians regarding privacy and national security, it is important to note that Montana has recently passed a law banning TikTok on personal devices starting next year.

Content creators who have built their careers on TikTok, producing comedy sketches, music, or beauty tutorials for their followers, are feeling anxious about the uncertain future of the app. However, in interviews with BBC Newsbeat, three popular TikTokers expressed their determination to continue using the platform and have no intentions of giving up on it just yet.

Arthur Hill, who began sharing comedy clips on TikTok during his university days, has amassed a substantial following of 1.4 million. Known for his videos featuring singer James Blunt in bed, Arthur acknowledges the existing concerns surrounding TikTok but admits to being somewhat negligent when it comes to online privacy.

Admitting his penchant for convenience, Arthur confesses, “I’m so obsessed with everything being easy that I will just say, yeah, I’ll sign up to that and give my details. So I’m the worst.” Initially, he regarded the concerns surrounding TikTok as possibly being more aligned with conspiracy theories.

However, Arthur’s confidence has wavered due to recent government device bans and the congressional hearing. He now feels less certain about the situation. According to him, eliminating TikTok at this stage “would have significant repercussions, jeopardizing the livelihoods and careers of many individuals.”

Arthur predicts that a TikTok ban would have far-reaching consequences, causing a substantial ripple effect on other apps, including how Instagram and YouTube would respond to such a development. In his view, the situation would likely spiral into chaos, leading to unfavorable outcomes across various platforms.

Arthur, who has already expanded his presence to YouTube and Instagram, considers himself fortunate as a comedian because his content can be adapted for other platforms.

However, if TikTok were to vanish, he remains optimistic that a suitable alternative will emerge, although he expresses uncertainty about the timeframe. Arthur believes that TikTok has perfected its algorithms to such a degree that recreating them may pose a challenge for any potential successor.

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