The Prime drink became popular thanks to the endorsement and promotion by YouTubers KSI and Logan Paul

Shoppers in the UK have been seen standing in long queues, grappling for the product, and even diving headfirst into shelves, all due to the popularity of Prime Hydration, a drink that has been promoted by YouTubers KSI and Logan Paul.

Since its launch, the drink has caused a craze online due to its limited availability in the UK. KSI claims that the limited supply was not a marketing tactic, but the outcome was predictable – the drink has become an online sensation.

Prime was initially stocked by Aldi as a one-time special in December. Chaotic scenes ensued, as captured in videos, with customers scrambling to obtain the drink while staff struggled to manage the crowds.

It seems that the stocking of Prime at Aldi was not a one-time event, as evidenced by the queues outside Aldi once again on Tuesday, when the supermarket restocked the drink. This time, shoppers have a choice of six different flavors, with each bottle priced at £1.99.

As restocks of Prime continue to sell out almost immediately, a black market for the drink has emerged, with some individuals selling bottles online at exorbitant prices. However, the question remains: what is driving all this hype?

Prime is a sports drink created as part of a business partnership between former boxing rivals Logan Paul and KSI (real name Olajide William Olatunji), both of whom have a combined total of over 40 million YouTube followers. The drink’s various flavors are marketed as providing additional benefits for hydration.

In an interview with BBC Newsbeat, KSI expressed his disbelief at the overwhelming response to Prime, calling it “crazy” and admitting that neither he nor Logan had anticipated such a reaction.

However, according to marketing expert Eddie Hammerman, the promotion was well-planned, even if the extent of its success was unexpected.

According to Eddie Hammerman in his interview with BBC Newsbeat, creating a buzz and demand for a product takes time, and in the case of Prime, it took the founders months to achieve this.

Hammerman praised the marketing strategy behind the product, calling it “smart.” KSI also acknowledged that the founders of Prime are skilled in marketing, and thanks to their massive online following, spreading the word about the product has not been a challenge.

Eddie, the Managing Director at The 10 Group, a marketing agency that has worked with brands like Visa, Red Bull, and Costa Coffee, points out that the main obstacle for Prime has been fulfilling the high demand for the product. He argues that the principle of supply and demand is the crucial factor in this regard.

Eddie explains that the concept behind Prime’s limited supply is known as “scarcity marketing.” This approach involves limiting the supply of a product to create a sense of urgency among customers, compelling them to make a purchase before the product becomes unavailable or the promotion ends.

He further notes that this technique is intended to drive customer action and generate sales.

According to Eddie, from a customer’s perspective, the driving force behind scarcity marketing is FOMO or the fear of missing out.

The idea of a limited supply of a product triggers a psychological phenomenon known as loss aversion, where people tend to place more value on avoiding potential losses than gaining potential rewards.

In the case of Prime, customers may be more inclined to purchase the product due to the belief that it is in limited supply and may not be available in the future.

Eddie notes that similar instances of high demand and limited supply have been observed during Black Friday sales, where customers have been known to fight over discounted items.

He further explains that in situations where demand exceeds supply, scalpers may take advantage of the situation to make a profit by reselling the product at a higher price.

During an appearance on BBC’s The One Show, KSI was questioned by Deborah Meaden from Dragon’s Den regarding the limited supply of Prime.

KSI refuted the notion that limiting the supply was part of their marketing strategy, stating that they have attempted to increase the supply as much as possible. He also explained that sourcing the drink has been easier in the US than in the UK.

KSI has expressed strong disapproval towards scalpers and even released an angry video calling out Wakey Wines, a popular TikToker and shop owner from Wakefield. Wakey Wines frequently posts videos featuring customers who claim to have paid up to £100 for a single can of Prime.

KSI stated in an interview with Newsbeat that he “genuinely hates” the resale market and believes that it takes advantage of people due to the hype surrounding the product.

Eddie cites the shortages of items like toilet roll and pasta in shops during the initial Covid lockdown as an instance of how consumer behavior can change when people believe that items may run out.

“When it disappears so quickly, and when people want it so badly, all it takes is for the supermarket to say ‘we’re limiting the product’,” Eddie explains.

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