A conservation charity has criticized plans for a 5G mast in Edinburgh

A request has been made to install a 17m (56ft) 5G mast on Johnston Terrace, which runs underneath Edinburgh Castle.

According to Three UK, the mobile network, the proposed mast is necessary and will not detract from the view.

More than 160 objections have been raised against the plans, with The Cockburn Association and others urging for an alternative solution to be considered.

Terry Levinthal directs Scotland’s oldest conservation charity, The Cockburn Association.

In reference to the proposed 5G mast in Edinburgh, Terry Levinthal, director of Scotland’s oldest conservation charity, stated that the castle is a historic and iconic heritage site that draws in tourists.

He expressed concerns that the mast would have a negative impact on the views of and from the castle, and that it would visually harm the castle and the overall context of Edinburgh. Levinthal called for an alternative solution to be found, stating that the proposed mast location is unacceptable.

He recognized the necessity of efficient telecommunications in the city, but insisted that the mast should be situated in a more inconspicuous location.

Johnston Terrace has been proposed as the location for the mast, which would run just below the castle rock at the top of Granny’s Green Steps.

The view of the castle from the Grassmarket area is a popular spot for visitors on city tours.

Chris Sandeman expressed his disappointment and disapproval of the plans, stating that he was “saddened and disgusted”.

“It’s understandable to want reception in the city centre, but this mast would ruin a cherished view,” said Chris Sandeman, who leads a free walking tour.

“It’s a myopic decision to impede a view that generates revenue for Edinburgh. Our tours visit the location to capture images of the castle, which are then shared on social media, contributing to the promotion of the city,” said Chris Sandeman, who runs a free walking tour.

Iain Ponton, owner of the Oz Bar in Candlemaker Row, expressed that the mast would look out of place next to such an historic site. Historic Environment Scotland, which manages Edinburgh Castle, stated that it was not consulted regarding the plans.

CK Hutchison Networks has applied to City of Edinburgh Council for permission to erect a 5G mast on Johnston Terrace to provide additional capacity for Three UK’s network.

According to a spokesman from Three UK, the 5G mast is crucial for the area due to the high number of visitors, residents, and businesses on Johnston Terrace, and the company aims to provide a dependable network experience to the community.

The application for the mast will now be reviewed by the City of Edinburgh Council.

“We conduct extensive searches and evaluate a range of options before submitting planning applications. We are confident that both tourists and locals will still be able to enjoy clear views of Edinburgh Castle,” the Three UK spokesperson said.

Masts need to be situated where the service will be used, and often in specific locations to ensure maximum coverage.

The extra capacity provided by our 5G network rollout is crucial for the residents, visitors and businesses of Johnston Terrace. We aim to offer the community a dependable network experience, and this site will be fundamental to achieving that,” a spokesperson for Three UK stated.

Source : bbc.com

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